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April 2019: Evaluating the Effects of Supplemental Reading Intervention Using a Regression Discontinuity Design

Read Paul Steinle and Dr. Phil Capin's summary of a Coyne et al. (2018) study on the effects of a supplemental reading intervention using a regression discontinuity design.

March 2019: SCD: Children With Poor Reading Comprehension Despite Adequate Decoding

Read Dr. Nancy Scammacca's summary of a meta-analysis by Spencer and Wagner (2018) on specific reading comprehension deficits.

February 2019: Reading Comprehension Difficulties in Language Minority Learners and Native English Speakers

Read Lexy House and Dr. Phil Capin's summary of an article by Lesaux and Kieffer (2010) on reading comprehension difficulties among language minority learners and native English speakers.

January 2019: Critical Periods in Language Learning

Read Dr. Arturo E. Hernandez's summary of a study by Hartshorne and colleagues (2018) on whether there is an ideal age to learn a second language and why later learners do not reach the same language attainment as mature native speakers.

December 2018: Psychosocial Factors and Community College Student Success

Read Dr. Paul T. Cirino's summary of a meta-analysis by Fong and colleagues (2017) on psychosocial factors and community college student success.

November 2018: The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction: A Meta-Analysis

Read Dr. Sharon Vaughn's summary of a meta-analysis by Stockard and colleagues (2018) on the effectiveness of Direct Instruction.

October 2018: The Role of Language-Specific and Domain-General Resources in Reading Comprehension

Read Dr. Yusra Ahmed's summary of an article by Kopatich and colleagues (2018) on language-specific and domain-general resources' role in comprehension. Ahmed also reports the findings from a modeling exercise in which she used the data from the article to fit alternative models.

September 2018: Control Engagement During Sentence and Inhibition Tasks in Children With Reading Difficulties

Read Mary Abbe Roe's summary of an article by Roe and colleagues (2018) on the role of executive control in reading among children who have difficulty with reading comprehension and word reading fluency.

August 2018: Core Selective Evaluation Process and LD Identification

Read Dr. Jack M. Fletcher's thoughts on a chapter by Cheramie, Schanding, and Streich that examines the Core Selective Evaluation Process and dual discrepancy/consistency models for identifying learning disabilities.

July 2018: Data-Based Decision Making in Reading Interventions

Read Dr. Jeremy Miciak's summary of a literature review and meta-analysis by Filderman and colleagues (2018) that examines the effectiveness of data-based decision making in reading interventions.

June 2018: Decoding and Language Factors in Predicting Reading Comprehension

Read Dr. Pat Taylor's summary of an article by Foorman, Petscher, and Herrera that examines the Simple View of Reading to identify the unique and common sources of variability in reading comprehension.

May 2018: The Role of Auditory and Visual Processing in Learning to Read

Read Dr. Jack M. Fletcher's comments on a review of the literature in which Hahn et al. (2014) argue for multisensory deficits in dyslexia.

April 2018: Socioeconomic Status, Reading Disability, and Neuroanatomy

Read Dr. Jenifer Juranek's summary of a study by Romeo et al. (2017) that investigates whether there are structural brain differences in young children with reading disabilities from varying socioeconomic status backgrounds and whether a summer reading intervention program influences brain structure across the socioeconomic status continuum.

March 2018: Cognition and Literacy in ELLs At Risk for Reading Disabilities

Read Dr. Phil Capin's summary of a study by Swanson, Kudo, & Guzman-Orth (2016) that examines students at risk for RD among ELLs.

February 2018: Interpreting Reading Comprehension Test Results

Read Dr. Nancy Scammacca's summary of a meta-analysis by Collins, Lindström, and Compton (2018) that examines reading comprehension assessment to determine the impact of item response format and reader characteristics on the difference in scores between students who do and do not struggle with reading.

January 2018: Predicting Bilingual Proficiency From Age of Acquisition and Genetic Background

Read Kelly A. Vaughn's summary of a study by Vaughn and Hernandez (2018) that examines how age of second language acquisition interacts with genetic variants from dopamine-related genes to predict bilingual proficiency in young adulthood.

December 2017: A Framework for Executive Function

Read Dr. Paul T. Cirino's summary of a study by Cirino et al. (in press) that examines the structure of executive function.

November 2017: Instruction and Intervention Response in Early Writing

Read Dr. Yusra Ahmed's summary of a study by Parker et al. (2017) that examined growth patterns of students receiving writing interventions.

October 2017: Neural Functional Connectivity Predicts Reading Performance

Read Jessica Church-Lang's summary of a study by Alcauter et al. (2017) that examined the role of the striatum in reading performance of school-age children.

September 2017: Training in Neuroscience Decreases Neuromyths

Read Kelly Macdonald's summary of an article in which Macdonald, Germine, Anderson, Christodoulou, and McGrath (2017) present their findings from a U.S. survey on neuromyths.