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December 2014: A Review of Individual Differences in Reading Development

Read Dr. Nancy Scammacca's summary of findings from Pfost, M., Hattie, J., Dörfler, T., & Artelt, C. (2014). Individual differences in reading development: A review of 25 years of empirical research on Matthew effects in reading. Review of Educational Research84, 203–244.

November 2014: A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Spelling Instruction

Read Dr. Amy Barth's summary of findings from Graham, S., & Santangelo, T. (2014). Does spelling instruction make students better spellers, readers, and writers? A meta-analytic review. Reading and Writing27, 1703–1743.

October 2014: Predicting Bullying in Early Elementary Grades

Read Dr. Michael Vaughn's summary of Verlinden, M., Veenstra, R., Ghassabian, A., Jansen, P. W., Hofman, A., Jaddoe, V. W. V., . . . Tiemeier, H. (2014). Executive functioning and nonverbal intelligence as predictors of bullying in early elementary school. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 42, 953–966.

September 2014: Early Identification of Reading Difficulties

Read guest author Eunsoo Cho's summary of Boscardin, C. K., Muthén, B., Francis, D. J., & Baker, E. L. (2008) and recommendations for early identification of reading disabilities.

August 2014: Developmental Relations Between Reading and Writing

Read guest author Dr. Yusra Ahmed’s thoughts about the relationship between reading and writing instruction, based on Ahmed, Y., Wagner, R. K., & Lopez, D. (2014). Developmental relations between reading and writing at the word, sentence, and text levels: A latent change score analysis. Journal of Educational Psychology106(2), 419–434.

July 2014: Teacher Consultation and Coaching Within Mental Health Practice

Read Dr. Amie Grills' thoughts about managing students' socioemotional needs, based on Cappella, E., Hamre, B., Kim, H. Y., Henry, D., Frazier, S., Atkins, M., & Schoenwald, S. (2012). Teacher consultation and coaching within mental health practice: Classroom and child effects in urban elementary schools. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 80, 597–610.

June 2014: Neuroscience: The Visual Word Form Area

Read Dr. Jessica Church-Lang's thoughts about the role of the brain in developing reading proficiency, based on Vogel, A. C., Petersen, S. E., & Schlaggar, B. L. (2014). The VWFA: It’s not just for words anymore. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience8(88), 1–10. doi:10.3389/fnhum.2014.00088

May 2014: Using Cognitive and Educational Psychology to Improve Learning

Read Dr. Paul Cirino's thoughts about research-based instructional practices from cognitive and educational psychology, based on Dunlosky, J., Rawson, K. A., Marsh, E. J., Nathan, M. J., & Willingham, D. T. (2013). Improving students’ learning with effective learning techniques: Promising directions from cognitive and educational psychology. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 14(1), 4–58.

April 2014: Reading Comprehension, Language, and Broader Reading Skills

Read Dr. Michael Solis' thoughts about the possible genetic components of reading comprehension, based on Petrill, S. A. (2013). Relating reading comprehension to language and broader reading skills. In B. Miller, L. Cutting, & P. McCardle (Eds.), Unraveling reading comprehension: Behavioral, neurobiological, and genetic components (pp. 193–202). Baltimore, MD: Brookes.

March 2014: Teaching Elementary School Students to be Effective Writers

Read guest author Dr. Eleanor Hanlon’s recommendations about writing instruction, based on Graham, S., Bollinger, A., Booth Olsen, C., D’Aost, C., MacArthur, C., McCutchen, D., & Olinghouse, N. (2012). Teaching elementary school students to be effective writers: A practice guide (NCEE 2012-4058). Washington, DC: National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance. Retrieved from

February 2014: A Meta-Analysis of Summer Reading

Read Dr. Nancy Scammacca’s recommendations about summer reading interventions, based on Kim, J., & Quinn, D. (2013). The effects of summer reading on low-income children’s literacy achievement from kindergarten to grade 8: A meta-analysis of classroom and home interventions. Review of Educational Research83, 386–431.

January 2014: A Meta-Analysis of Writing Instruction for Elementary Students

Read Dr. Jack Fletcher’s recommendations about writing interventions, based on Graham, S., McKeown, D., Kiuhara, S., & Harris, K. R. (2012). A meta-analysis of writing instruction for students in the elementary grades. Journal of Educational Psychology104(4), 879–896.

December 2013: Explicit Teaching of Meta-Strategic Knowledge

Read Dr. Greg Roberts’ recommendations about meta-strategic knowledge and practice, based on Zohar, A., & Ben David, A. (2008). Explicit teaching of meta-strategic knowledge in authentic classroom situations. Metacognition Learning, 3, 59–82.

November 2013: Learning Styles: Concepts and Evidence

Read Dr. Karla K. Steubing’s recommendations about learning styles, based on Pashler, H., McDaniel, M., Rohrer, D., & Bjork, R. (2008). Learning styles: Concepts and evidence. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 9(3), 1–18.

October 2013: Does Discovery-Based Instruction Enhance Learning?

Read Dr. Michael Vaughn’s recommendations on discovery learning, based on Alfieri, L., Brooks, P. J., Tenenbaum, H. R., & Aldrich, N. J. (2011). Does discovery-based instruction enhance learning? Journal of Educational Psychology, 103(1), 1–18.

September 2013: Examining Learning Disability Classification Accuracy

Read Dr. Jeremy Miciak’s thoughts about the implications of actuarial classifications of learning disabilities, based on Macmann, G. M., Barnett, D. W., Lombard, T. J., Belton-Kocher, E., & Sharpe, M. N. (1989). On the actuarial classification of children: Fundamental studies of classification agreement. The Journal of Special Education, 23(2), 127–149.

August 2013: Improving Reading to Improve Math

Read Dr. Marcia Barnes’ thoughts about the relationship between reading and math achievement, based on ​​Glenberg, A., Willford, J., Gibson, B., Goldberg, A., & Zhu, X. (2012). Improving reading to improve math. Scientific Studies of Reading, 16, 316–340.

July 2013: Treating Childhood Anxiety in Schools

Read Dr. Amie Grills's recommendations about treating childhood anxiety in schools, based on Sulkowski, M. L., Joyce, D. K., & Storch, E. A. (2012). Treating childhood anxiety in schools: Service delivery in a response to intervention paradigm. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 21, 938–947.

June 2013: Young ChildrenÕs Decision-Making on the Marshmallow Task

Read Dr. Jessica Church-Lang’s recommendations about environmental reliability and grit based on Kidd, C., Palmeri, H., & Aslin, R. N. (2013). Rational snacking: Young children’s decision-making on the marshmallow task is moderated by beliefs about environmental reliability. Cognition, 126(1), 109–114.

May 2013: Interpreting Statistical Effects of Educational Interventions

Read Dr. Saro Mohammed’s thoughts on interpreting effects based on Lipsey, M. W., Puzio, K., Yun, C., Hebert, M. A., Steinka-Fry, K., Cole, M. W., . . .Busick, M. D. (2012). Translating the statistical representation of the effects of education interventions into more readily interpretable forms (NCSER 2013-3000). Washington, DC: National Center for Special Education Research, Institute of Education Sciences.