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Date Title Author Projects Resource Type Audience
2007 Response to Intervention in General, Special, and Higher Education: What’s New? Smartt, S. and Reschly, D. Presentation Researchers/Faculty
2007 Response to Intervention: From Research to Implementation: Where We Are, What’s Working, What’s Next? Hougen, M. Presentation Researchers/Faculty
2007 Response to Intervention: RTI Vaughn, S. Presentation Researchers/Faculty
2007 Multiple tiers of intervention:  A framework for prevention and identification of students with reading/learning disabilities. Vaughn, S., Wanzek, J., & Fletcher, J.M. Intervention Book Chapter
2007 An implementation of a tiered intervention model:  Reading outcomes and neural correlates. Denton, C.A., Fletcher, J.M., Simos, P.G., Papanicolaou, A.C., & Anthony, J. L. Neuroimaging,
Book Chapter Researchers/Faculty
2007 Learning disabilities: From identification to intervention. Fletcher, J.M., Lyon, G.R., Fuchs, L.S., & Barnes, M.A. Classification and Integration Book Researchers/Faculty
A synthesis of reading and spelling interventions and their effects on spelling outcomes for students with learning disabilities Williams, K. J., Walker, M. A., Vaughn, S. & Wanzek, J. Classification and Integration,
Journal Article Researchers/Faculty
Household food insecurity and children’s behavior problems: New evidence from a trajectories-based study Huang, J., & Vaughn, M. G. Journal Article Researchers/Faculty
Predicting reading outcomes with progress monitoring slopes among middle grade students. Tolar, T.D., Barth, A.E., Fletcher, J.M., Francis, D.J., & Vaughn, S. Journal Article Researchers/Faculty