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June 2023: Test Score Patterns Across Three COVID-19-Impacted School Years

Read Nancy Scammacca's summary of a study of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on achievement scores of grades 3–8 students.

May 2023: Creativity and Learning in a 28-Month-Old Child Using an iPad

Read Hechmi Kilani and Elena Grigorenko's summary of their co-authored case study of the affects of digital game-based learning, tablet use, and mind-wandering on a 28-month-old.

May 2023: Long-term English Learners: Untangling Language Acquisition and Learning Disabilities

Read Dr. Jeremy Miciak's summary and discussion of a 2022 article on the diversity of English learners and the educational needs of long-term English learners.

March 2023: The Exceptionality of Twice-Exceptionality

Read Jessica Garcia, Connor Cheek, and Elena Grigorenko's summary of their 2021 co-authored article on using multivariate statistical simulation to determine the combined prevalence of giftedness and disability. 

January 2023: Reading Comprehension and Its Underlying Components in Second-language Learners

Read Dr. Phil Capin's summary of Melby-Lervåg and Lervåg's 2014 meta-analysis comparing differences in reading performance between first- and second-language learners, and the variables that contribute to reading comprehension ability, including language comprehension, decoding, and phonological awareness.

November 2022: Cross-Linguistic Influences on Spanish–English and Chinese–English Bilingual Children’s Word Reading Development

Read Arturo E. Hernandez's summary of the Sun et al. study (2022) on cross-linguistic influences on Spanish–English and Chinese–English bilingual children’s word reading development.

October 2022: Meta-Analysis of Relations Between Executive Function and Academic Outcomes

Read Paul T. Cirino's summary of a meta-analysis by Spiegel et al. (2021) on relations between executive function and academic outcomes, focusing on students in kindergarten through Grade Six.  

September 2022: Applying Machine Learning to Specific Learning Disability Screening

Read Diana Salem and Dr. Yusra Ahmed's summary of a study by Mor and Dardeck (2021) on using machine learning to aid in the early detection of specific learning disability.

June 2022: Results and Implications of the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial–Attention & Reading Trial

Read Dr. Jack M. Fletcher's summary of two articles on the results and implications of the Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial–Attention & Reading Trial.

May 2022: Teaching High-Utility Vocabulary to English Learners

Read Dr. Pat Taylor's summary of August et al.'s article on the results of an efficacy study on teaching high-utility vocabulary to English learners.

April 2022: Effects of Foundational Skills and Multicomponent Reading Interventions on Reading Comprehension for Primary-Grade Students

Read Na Young Yoon's summary of a meta-analysis by Denton et al. on the effects of foundational skills and multicomponent reading interventions on reading comprehension for primary-grade students.

March 2022: Error-signaling in the Developing Brain

Read Dr. Jessica A. Church's summary of a study by Roe et al. on error processing in children and how their findings compare to the literature on error processing in adults.

February 2022: Learning Disruption or Learning Loss

Read Dr. Nancy Scammacca's summary of a synthesis by Harmey and Moss (2021) on research on learning loss from disruptions comparable to school closures and reopenings related to COVID-19.

December 2021: Observation Systems in Special Education

Read Dr. Jeremy Miciak's summary of a Rodgers et al. (2021) evaluation of the reliability and validity of observation instruments used in special education classroom observation research.

September 2021: The Stability of Learning Disabilities Among Emergent Bilingual Children

Read Drs. Kelly Macdonald and Paul Cirino's summary of a study by Swanson, Arizmendi, and Li (2020) on the stability of learning disabilities among emergent bilingual children.

August 2021: What Does a Critical Period for Second Language Acquisition Mean? Reflections on Hartshorne et al.

Read Arturo Hernandez and Jean P. Bodet III's exploration of the controversial findings of Hartshorne, Tenenbaum, and Pinker (2018) on the age window for the critical period of second-language learning.

June 2021: Augmenting the Simple View of Reading for Struggling Adult Readers: A Unique Role for Background Knowledge

Read Maryam Khan and Yusra Ahmed's summary of a study by Talwar, Tighe, and Greenberg (2018) on the role of background knowledge in struggling adult readers.

April 2021: Is Systematic Phonics More Effective Than Alternative Methods of Reading Instruction?

Read Dr. Jack M. Fletcher's review of an article by J. S. Bowers (2020) in Educational Psychology Review, which TCLD researchers Fletcher and Vaughn, and their colleague, Rob Savage of the University College London also responded to in the same journal.

February 2021: Improved Educational Achievement as a Path to Desistance

Read Julia D. Kovalenko and Elena L. Grigorenko's summary of a Grigorenko et al. (2019) study on improving educational achievement as a path to desistance.

December 2020: White Matter Plasticity During an Intensive Reading Intervention

Read Dr. Jenifer Juranek's summary of Huber et al.'s (2018) study on white matter plasticity during an intensive reading intervention.