Text-based Vocabulary Intervention Training Study: Supporting Fourth Graders With Low Reading Comprehension and Learning Disabilities


This experimental study examined the effectiveness of a text-based reading and vocabulary intervention with self-regulatory supports for 4th graders with low reading comprehension. Students with standard scores on the Gates MacGinitie Reading Test between 1.0 standard deviation (SD) and 0.5 SD below the normative sample were included (N=44) and randomly assigned to treatment condition (n=25) or no treatment comparison condition (n=19). Researchers provided the intervention to students in groups of approximately 2 to 3 students for eight 30-minute sessions. Students in the treatment condition made statistically significant gains on a researcher-developed measure of reading and vocabulary compared with students in the comparison condition.


Solís, M., Scammacca, N., Barth, A. E., & Roberts, G. J. (2017). Text-based vocabulary intervention training study: Supporting fourth graders with low reading comprehension and learning disabilities. Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal, 15(1), 103–115. Retrieved from https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1141988.pdf


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