Integrating Executive Functioning Into Remediation of Students With Reading Disabilities

Principal Investigators


The goal of Project 3 is to improve scientific knowledge and clinical practice regarding effective reading comprehension instruction for English learners (ELs) with reading difficulties in the middle grades. The project also focuses on improving attention and self-regulation by integrating practices developed during previous funding cycles into our reading intervention. Extensive and intensive treatment for ELs with reading comprehension difficulties includes 2 academic years plus a summer book reading supplement. Participants include sixth- and seventh-grade students who are currently classified as having limited English proficiency or were reclassified in the last 2 years and show significant reading difficulties.


  • Evaluate the efficacy of reading comprehension interventions by comparing outcomes of sixth- and seventh-grade ELs with reading difficulties who are randomly assigned to one of two conditions: (a) typical classroom reading instruction or (b) a 2-year researcher-developed intervention
  • Determine student characteristics and contextual factors associated with response to intervention as a means of informing treatment decisions and determine the extent to which student characteristics (e.g., memory, motivation) and contextual factors (e.g., teacher knowledge, school effectiveness ratings, neighborhood access to literacy) can predict response to intervention initially and longitudinally


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