Neural Correlates of Reading Comprehension in Typical and Struggling Readers: A Multimodal Neuroimaging Study

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The overall goal of Project 4 is to develop a comprehensive model of structural and functional changes in brain network connectivity that relate to changes in academic skills. Previous research shows that academic skills are linked to task control and attention brain networks in important, but poorly understood, ways. We evaluate features of brain organization associated with developmental outcomes of the educational interventions addressed in Project 3. Ultimately, we will promote novel directions in cognitive neuroscience research that features combinations of several multimodal imaging methods to identify features of brain organization that are crucial for typical development of reading skills and successful intervention outcomes.


  • Characterize structural and functional brain connectivity related to change in academic skills and attention abilities, using a dimensional and multimodal imaging approach
  • Test for brain network relationships that are affected by bilingual language proficiency and comorbid conditions (e.g., attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) within a group of ELs who have persistent reading difficulties and model individual response to educational interventions
  • Assess the predictive value of preintervention brain data for subsequent response to intervention


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