Monitoring Student Progress for Behavioral Interventions (DBI Training Series Module 3)

Organization: National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII)

This module, developed as part of the National Center on Intensive Interventions data-based individualization series. The module focuses on behavioral progress monitoring within the context of the DBI process and addresses: (a) methods available for behavioral progress monitoring, including but not limited to Direct Behavior Rating (DBR), and (b) using progress monitoring data to make decisions about behavioral interventions. Upon completion of the module, viewers will be able to 1) Select and define meaningful target behaviors for progress monitoring; 2) Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Systematic Direct Observation versus Direct Behavior Rating; 3) Plan and carry out data collection to monitor a target behavior; individualize Direct Behavior Rating forms; and 4) Use graphed progress monitoring data to determine when intervention changes are needed.

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